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Ash Wednesday Service

Join us at Grace Chapel for an Ash Wednesday service as we prepare our hearts for the Lenten season.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Christian season of Lent. Why ashes? If you lived in the Ancient Near East and you were "found out" in some kind of scandalous activity, and you wanted to "come clean" about it and own it, you covered yourself with ashes. It was a way of saying, "Yes I did this, I know it, I see my true situation." Throughout the centuries Christians have tied this idea particularly to the teaching of Genesis where it tells the story of how human beings were formed from the dust of the ground and how, because of our sin and rebellion against God, we will one day return to that dust.  In short, we tell the truth about ourselves with the ashes on our foreheads: “I'm a sinner in need of grace.”  We take our sins seriously with the ashes and we take God's grace seriously by receiving them in the sign of the cross, the sign of our forgiveness, promised resurrection, and new life in Christ.

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