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Southwest Parish Picnic

June 22nd Picnic at the Park

This month we will meet on Thursday, June 22nd, 6:00 pm at Densmore Park, 6701 S. 14th St (near Cooper YMCA).  It will be a picnic potluck and park playtime for the young and the old.  We have reserved the shelter for the whole evening!  There is a fee to reserve the area so we are asking each family to bring $5 to help cover the cost. This is a great time to invite new folks at Grace.
Action steps: 1) Sign up for picnic potluck HERE.
2) On the 22nd pack up your park supplies and games 3) Grab your Five dollar bill to help pay for the shelter rental.

Save the date for July:  An adult only evening is being planned for Thursday, July 13th, 6pm at Mark & Sally's Home.  Food, fun and fellowship.  Mark your calendars, reserve those babysitters and watch for more details.

Small Groups
Gals Night: Monday, June 5th, 7:00 pm on Ruth Bossard's deck, 16801 S. 68th, Hickman.
Guys Night: June TBD, 8:30pm at Russ home, 7832 S. 24th Ct.

Other events
A fun place to gather in our part of the city is the Free Friday concert series at Southpointe.  The Gonzales are planning to attend tonight, June 2nd.  Meet them between Gap and Banana Republic for some music and fun.
Friday Nights Live Concert Series.  See schedule HERE.

Happy Summer!
For the SW Parish,