When and where do you meet?

Grace Chapel meets at 16th & A Street on Sundays mornings, with two services to choose from--8:00a & 10:45a.

Will I fit in at Grace Chapel?

Most likely! We have a wide diversity of people at Grace. From university students, young families, and professionals to grandparents and retirees, our services are full of vibrant people from all walks of life. Grab a cup of coffee in the Great Hall and stay awhile; you're sure to find yourself in friendly conversation.

What should I wear?

While suits and ties are sometimes seen here, we are by no means a "high church" congregation. Our pastors typically wear khakis or jeans and a button down shirt at the pulpit; a mix of jeans, slacks, and skirts can all be found in the pews.

What is a PCA church?

The Presbyterian Church in America was established in 1973 due to its constituents desire for denomination with a scriptural, evangelical, and Reformed witness to Christ. The PCA seeks to be scriptural in both its government and its doctrine. The form of church government we believe is most biblical is called "Presbyterian." This means the local churches are governed by "presbyters," or elders, who are elected by the people. The PCA's doctrinal beliefs are "Reformed." We earnestly strive to follow Christ and His Apostles. We believe that the purest expressions of scriptural doctrine are found in the Calvinistic creeds - particularly the Westminster Confession of Faith and the companion works the Larger and Shorter Cathechisms. We are "conservative," but we are not old fashioned! We hold to the faith of the Bible and of our fathers, but we strive to proclaim God's truth as imaginatively, creatively and relevantly as possible.

Do I have to be PCA Presbyterian to attend Grace Chapel?

Absolutely not. We welcome people from all walks of life, whether they agree with our particular beliefs or not. We love a good discussion and are seekers of Truth. Try us out!

What is Grace Chapel's history?

Grace Chapel is the daughter church of Zion Church (formerly Covenant Presbyterian Church). We began meeting as a congregation at our first building at 40th & Sheridan in October of 2000 under the leadership of Mike Hsu. In the fall of 2013, Mike Hsu responded to a call to serve at Grace Church in Vancouver, BC. At that time Ben Loos was voted our Senior Pastor. God continues to bless both Zion Church and Grace Chapel as both congregations embrace a vision for the future planting of daughter churches in Lincoln, throughout Nebraska, and even the world.