Together at Grace – Resources for the Capital Campaign & New Building 

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Capital Campaign website:

Instagram: @togetheratgrace

Twitter: @togetheratgrace

FAQ’s about the move to 16th & A

Does the purchase of a building mean that you’ve given up on church planting. 

  • No.  A mother church doesn’t shrink when it plants. It grows. That’s just the dynamics of the kingdom. We feel we need to care for who we’ve got, then turn our head to church planting.

What will happen to our current building?

  • 2 Pillars Church will rent the space. 

What is our relationship with Trinity Daycare?

  • They are our tenants. We’re not taking over the ownership and operations of the daycare. Though I hope there will be opportunities for partnership, both in caring for their families and the neighborhood.

How do I stay informed? 

  1. We will have updates during our worship services monthly
  2. Sign up for the This Week at Grace Newsletter
  3. Follow us on instagram: @togetheratgrace

Are we going to do one service or two?

  1. We will go to 2 services: 8:00 & 10:45, which will address parking.
  2. Two services will also help us allow for volunteerism on Sundays. 

How can I be praying for this work? 

  1. Follow us on instagram: @togetheratgrace
  2. Join us for prayer walks

What happens if I don’t want to go?

There are all sorts of people that are called to move with us for different reasons, and some of our current GC family are not being called to move. Which of the below categories might you fit into as it concerns a calling to this move?

  1. People who are called and excited
  2. People who feel called because of the relationships
  3. People who trust the corporate sense of calling. 
  4. People who aren’t called. 
  5. Is the Lord calling Grace Chapel to Make this move.
  6. Is the Lord calling me to be a part of Grace Chapel